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Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Part of feeling healthy is feeling confident. Our easy-to-use whitening kits give a brighter smile you’ll love.
Electric Toothbrush
Color: Pink
Electric Toothbrush
What’s the point of protecting your teeth from grinding if you’re not keeping those beautiful teeth clean?
Water Flosser
Water Flosser
One of the worst side effects of teeth grinding can be gum recession and sensitive gums.
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We offer both soft and hard night guards with any Cheeky plan.

Soft: The Cheeky soft night guard is made of EVA plastic - BPA-free and Latex-free. Our soft night guards are super comfy and are a great way to protect yourself against teeth grinding. If you're new to night guards or are looking for a relaxed fit, this is perfect for you!

Hard: The Cheeky hard night guard is made of a hard acrylic material. It’s BPA-free, Latex-free and Phthalate free. The hard guard offers protection from teeth grinding while keeping your teeth from moving over time, essentially acting as a retainer.

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You get to choose which arch of your mouth you want to wear your night guard on!

This choice is based on your personal preference and comfort. Regardless of which arch you choose, you will be protected from grinding and clenching with a cheeky night guard in your mouth.

Most of our customers choose an upper arch night guard.

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We offer three thickness options for the Soft guard and one thickness option for the Hard guard. Most of our customers choose the 3MM option if they want a Soft guard.


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