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I grind my teeth badly and THIS is the most comfortable guard I’ve ever worn.
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What is your return policy?

We have a 100% money back guarantee within 30 nights of receiving your night guard. However, in order for a refund to be processed we require your night guard be shipped back to our facility. That way, we know that we are not giving out free night guards. To request a return, please scroll down to our footer and click on "returns and exchanges."

What’s the difference between a cheeky night guard and an over-the-counter night guard?

Cheeky offers two types of night guards that are completely custom to the mouth: Soft and hard guards. An over-the-counter night guard is mass produced thermoplastic material that is one size fits all. You boil it in hot water to soften it and bite into it to try to form it to their teeth. The Cheeky guard is made the same way a dentist would make you a night guard. But for a lot less.

Why do I need a new night guard every three months?

If you have any experience with night guards, you know how unclean a night guard can become over time. Your night guard collects bacteria during and after every use, putting you at risk of illness or bad breath. Teeth grinders deserve a clean night guard every three months; that is why we made custom night guards inexpensive enough to give it to them.

How do I customize my night guard?

On the product page you'll see a drop down link titled "customize your night guard?" Just click on that drop down, and you'll be able to find every night guard option we offer.

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