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Achieve a brighter, healthier smile with Cheeky's dental accessories.
The Best In My Life
I grind my teeth badly and THIS is the most comfortable guard I’ve ever worn.
Nicole M. O. - Verified Purchase
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quality mouth 
care isn't a luxury

(not anymore, anyway)

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Our Story

Amazing Night Guards. Affordable Prices.

Amazing custom night guards can be affordable enough to be replaced when needed. That is why cheeky exists.

Your choice until now: overpay and overwear or suffer through a boil and bite night guard.

You’ve spent an arm and a leg on a custom night guard. It’s been four months and you can taste the community of bacteria you’ve been hosting rent free on your night guard. Your only choice until now–keep wearing it or overpay for a new one.

Choose between soft and hard night guards.

We know every teeth grinder has unique needs. That is why we offer both soft and hard night guards in any thickness for both the upper and lower teeth.

Night guards as good as your dentist's.

Cheeky night guards are made with the same process and material as the dentist's night guard.

Sleep Safely

Cheeky night guards are made with 100% FDA approved material, machinery, and processes. Our night guard material is completely BPA, silicone, and latex free.

Choose Now, Change Later

Not sure which night guard to choose? No worries. We can always change material, thickness, and arch based on your feedback.

We create night guards with care, love, and precision.

Precise Impressions.

We use 3D scanning technology to precisely replicate your impression.

Perfectly Designed.

Our perfect custom night guards are designed with 3D technology.

Manufactured with care

Cheeky night guards are designed and shipped by experts to ensure the best possible fit.

Get Cheeky

Sleep Easy. No Pain.

Team cheeky is obsessed with helping you sleep. Our night guards will fit like magic so that you wake up refreshed and happy.

Your perfect guard is a click away.

It takes 3-5 business days for your kit to arrive. From there, It takes us 5-7 business days to have the night guard designed and shipped from the time we receive your impressions.

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