Quality mouth care isn't a luxury.

(not anymore, anyway)

Our Story

Why custom night guards are so expensive

Custom night guards are so incredibly expensive because chair time at the dentist costs time and money. We created this service so that we can provide the same quality night guard, without the chair time of the dentist.

Your choice until now: overpay and overwear or suffer through a boil and bite night guard.

You’ve spent an arm and a leg on a custom night guard. It’s been four months and you can taste the community of bacteria you’ve been hosting rent free on your night guard. Your only choice until now–keep wearing it or overpay for a new one.

Cheeky: quarterly night guards, quarter of 
the price

Your night guard is uncomfortable. Your night guard is dirty. You deserve a custom night guard, and you deserve it fresh every three months.

Night guards as good as your dentist's

Our night guards are 3D printed to be as precise as possible, maximizing comfort and quality.

Say Goodbye To Boil and Bite, Say Hello To Cheeky

Our Process

Step 1: 3D scan Your Impression

We use 3D scanning technology to precisely replicate your impression

Step 2: Design The Perfect Custom Night Guard For You

Expert dental designers create your custom night guard on a 3D software

Step 3: 3D Print Your Cheeky Custom Night Guard

We 3D print your custom night guard using safe and quality material

Safety First

Cheeky night guards are made with 100% FDA approved material, machinery, and processes. Our night guard material is completely BPA free

The Environment Matters To Us

Please recycle your old cheeky custom night guard every three months