Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two types of night guards: Soft and hard/soft. Both types of night guards are included in every plan you can purchase. The hard/soft night guard is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

What are the symptoms of teeth grinding?

• Wake up with headaches
• Dull headache starting in the temples 
• Flattened, fractured, chipped, or loose teeth
• Increased tooth pain or sensitivity
• Tired or tight jaw muscles, or a locked jaw that won’t open or close completely 
• Jaw, neck, or face pain or soreness 
• Damage from chewing on the inside of your cheek
• Sleep disruption due to grinding
• Clenching
• Teeth grinding while asleep

What’s the difference between a cheeky night guard and an over-the-counter night guard?

Cheeky offers two types of night guards that are completely custom to the mouth: Soft and hard on the outside soft on the inside night guards. An over-the-counter night guard is mass produced thermoplastic material that is one size fits all. Teeth grinders boil in hot water to soften it and bite into it to try to form it to their teeth.

How thick is the cheeky night guard?

We generally create thicker appliances for our heavier teeth grinders and thinner appliances for our lighter teeth grinders. However, we customize our night guards completely to our teeth grinding subscribers’ preferences. So, basically however you prefer your night guard thickness to be is how thick it will be. The price will stay the same regardless of thickness. We don't punish teeth grinders for grinding their teeth.

Is a cheeky night guard any different than the one my dentist would make for me?

The cheeky night guard is custom to your mouth, just like the one your dentist would make for you. However, your dentist is diagnosing you as a patient through in person chair time. We are not diagnosing you. We are simply giving you an inexpensive custom night guard as an alternative to the over the counter options on the market.

Why do I need a new night guard every three months?

If you have any experience with night guards, you know how unclean a night guard can become over time. Your night guard collects bacteria during and after every use, putting you at risk of illness or bad breath. Teeth grinders deserve a clean night guard every three months; that is why we made custom night guards inexpensive enough to give it to them.

How do I clean my night guard?

We recommend cleaning your night guard with a toothbrush thoroughly every night before putting it in your mouth. Remember, a fresh one is never more than three months away. However, we have not found a universally agreed upon way to do it just yet. Hence, the quarterly custom night guard service.

Is there an unsubscribing fee?

Here at cheeky, we believe in our product! We do not believe in holding our subscribers hostage. You can unsubscribe at any time.

What happens if my night guard doesn't fit properly?

This is a very rare occurrence. However, if the night guard does not fit properly, email us. We will get you a new impression kit and print you a new guard—free of charge.

When does cheeky ship me my night guard, and when does my credit card get billed?

Cheeky bills differently depending on the subscription package you choose. We will ship your first night guard to you as soon as it is ready. Every night guard after that will be sent so that it arrives exactly three months after you received the first one.

1) $49 Quarterly payments: Save 20% by subscribing to the quarterly subscription payment plan. To subscribe, order your impressions kit for $29. You will be charged a $49 payment every three months only when we ship your night guard to you.

2) $169 Annual Payment: Save 30% on your yearly subscription. The annual subscription option has no impression kit fee. You order your impression kit by paying the $169 annual subscription. Then, once we receive you impression we send you a new custom night guard every three months.

What happens If I send back a bad impression?

No worries! We will send you a second impression kit free of charge. If the second one doesn't work, we will send you a third one for free also! (We will send you as many kits as you need until you get it right--for free).

Can I purchase just one night guard?

Yes! You can do that on our pricing page. We offer a one time Purchase for $116. The impression kit is included as well.  

If I start with one can I subscribe later?

Yes! We can move you to any plan at any time The cost of the one time purchase will be credited towards your subscription. 

Does cheeky accept FSA/HSA/insurance?

We don’t accept fsa payments. However we can provide you with an itemized receipt after your purchase to reclaim with your provider.

How long is the usual process ?

It takes 3-5 business days for your kit to arrive. From there, It takes us 5-7 business days to have the night guard designed and shipped from the time we receive your impressions.

I have a permanent retainer. Will cheeky still work for me?

Yes! We’ll capture that in your impressions and represent it in your night guard.

How do I choose between a soft or hybrid night guard?

That is really based on your comfort and preference. We capture both in every impression kit so you have the choice. We can always switch based on your feedback.

What material are cheeky night guards made from?

Our soft night guards are made of soft thermoplastic. Our hard/soft night guards are made of hard acrylic on the outside and soft thermoplastic on the inside.

What is in a cheeky impression kit?

Two sets of impression putty

Two upper trays

Two lower trays

Impression instructions

Return Mailer

What is your return policy?

We offer a full money back guarantee at any time!