The Affordable Custom Night Guard Service

Comfy Night Guards Delivered Straight To You

Custom Night Guards. 75% Less.

Replacements Every Three Months

Cheeky Night Guards are made custom to every one of our teeth grinders' mouths. Finally, the custom night guard we deserve is inexpensive enough to be replaced when they get gross.

How It Works

Step 1.
First Impressions

Take your impression and send it back to us in the same box it came in. It's that easy.

Step 2. Get Cheeky

Receive your first cheeky custom night guard and sleep well.

Step 3.
Keep ‘Em Coming

A fresh cheeky night guard will arrive at your door when your old night guard inevitably gets dirty.

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Teeth Grinders Deserve Better

Custom Night Guards For All

We at cheeky have one mission: Get every teeth grinder in the world the good night's sleep they deserve. A cheeky night's sleep equals a happier and healthier day.


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