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the affordable custom
night guard service

Comfy night guards delivered straight to you

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The world has a teeth grinding problem. We exist to solve it.

Why we do what we do.

  • Your teeth need protecting, so you can sleep well and be your best self during the day.
  • Historically, dentist quality night guards have been too expensive.
  • Your mental health and oral care shouldn't need to take a back seat to your wallet.
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Find your perfect fit

A custom fitting nightguard that gets replaced every 3 months!

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How Cheeky works

Carefully crafted to you with ease.

First Impressions

Take your impressions and ship them back to us in the same box it came in. We pay for shipping.

Get Cheeky

Receive your first cheeky custom night guard and sleep well.

Keep 'Em Coming

A fresh cheeky night guard will arrive at your door when your old night guard inevitably gets dirty.

Find your perfect fit

A custom fitting nightguard that gets replaced every 3 months!

Get Cheeky
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Everything Your Mouth Needs In One Place.

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Save 20% on your order if you purchase the bundle!

Water Flosser
Water Flosser
One of the worst side effects of teeth grinding can be gum recession and sensitive gums.
Electric Toothbrush
Color: Pink
Electric Toothbrush
What’s the point of protecting your teeth from grinding if you’re not keeping those beautiful teeth clean?
Whitening Kit
Whitening Kit
Part of feeling healthy is feeling confident. Our easy-to-use whitening kits give a brighter smile you’ll love.

What the people say

  2000+ 5-star reviews

We believe in our products and want you to feel the positive effects of a cheeky smile!

“It definitely minimizes my jaw pain. Seems like a quality night guard and fits nicely.”

Marc F.

“Love getting a fresh mouthguard every few months. They always fit perfectly to my teeth as well.”

Lauren F.


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