Cheeky Night Guards For Grinding - How It Works | Cheeky

How it works

Step 1.
First Impressions

Take your impression and send it back to us in the same box it came in. It's that easy.

Step 2. Get cheeky

Receive your first cheeky custom night guard and sleep well.

Step 3.
Keep ‘em coming

A fresh cheeky night guard will arrive at your door every three months

Impressions are easy!

Watch the video and read the instructions to make a great impression

Let’s get started

From the impressions and photos you submit today, we will generate a 3D image of your smile which a licensed dental professional will assess to create your individual night guard.

What you need


Every impression kit comes with two impression trays. Check to make sure both the bottom and top netting is intact and that the tray fits your bite comfortably. 


Every impression kit comes with four impression putties: Two bases (the white) and two catalysts (the pink). Be sure to check that you have received this combination. 

Tooth Brush 

Make sure your teeth are freshly scrubbed before taking your impressions. It is very important that no food particles are caught in the impressions.

Clean Hands 

Wash and dry your hands before mixing the putties.


Get a timer ready to keep your impressions on track. It is important that you keep the impression in your mouth for three minutes and thirty seconds so that it is fully hard when you take it out of your mouth.


It’s not pretty, but you may drool when you take your impressions out.


1) Mix and Mold

To make your impression, mix the white putty with the pink putty until they are one solid color, or fully pink. Once you begin mixing you have to work fast,You will have 25 seconds before it starts to set. 

Mix: Blend the white and pink putties together until they form one color with no visible swirls.

Roll: Roll the blended putty between your hands to create a uniform cylinder that is 4 inches long. The putty should look like a sausage. 

Rip: Rip the putty in half so that you have two separate mini sausages.

Place: Work fast! Place the putty roll into the top tray, filling the entire U-shape (all the way to the back). Do not apply pressure or push the putty in. Make sure that the putty has fully cover the top. Once you are done with the top of the tray, flip it over and place the putty roll into the bottom part of the tray, filling the entire U-shape (all the way to the back). Do not apply pressure or push the putty in. Make sure that the putty has fully covered the entire impression tray, so that you cannot see the white knitting and the putty touches every wall of the tray.



Your bite is the key. You must bite into the impression all the way as you normally bite. If you feel like you are biting too hard, you are doing it right.

2) Make a Great Impression

As soon as the putty is ready in the tray, inspect it quickly, put it in your mouth and bite fully. You must bite down all the way, so that you cannot feel any putty between the upper and lower teeth. If you do not bite the way as you normally bite, we cannot make you a night guard. Make sure your whole mouth, including your back molars, is included. Once the you have bit down into the tray completely, push the tray inward toward your teeth, so you can feel the putty move to the height of your teeth, capturing your gum line as well. This is very important because we need the full model of your teeth, from top to bottom. Then, hold the tray in your mouth and keep your bite firm for three minutes and thirty seconds. If you see small holes in the knitting where you bit when you take it out, you have taken your bite impression correctly.

3) Do it All Over Again!

Now you’ll repeat the bite impression once more. 9 times out of ten, the second impression is better than the first, and subsequently the one we use to make your night guard. So please take both impressions and be extremely mindful so that we can get the perfect bite impression to make you the perfect custom night guard.  We need both bite impressions, even if they have defects! Check each one against the good and bad impression page below to see if there are any errors you can correct on the next one.

4) Ship

When you have finished taking both bite impressions, remove the inserts from the box. Seal each bite impression in the pre provided plastic bags, and place them into the box. Next, shut the box so that it is closed the way it came in, and place the new cheeky sticker where the old one was to make sure the box is closed firmly. Then, Place the pre provided shipping label on top of the box it came in. Your'e done, Congrats! Just ship it out and wait for your first cheeky night guard to arrive at your door.


What’s in a good impression?

  • Bit down perfectly so that you can see small holes in the knitting where your upper and lower arches met.
  • Gum-line present.
  • Single imprint.
  • Molars captured.
  • Putty fully mixed.
  • Full height of teeth captured.
  • When held up to the light, you can see through the bite tray where your bit down fully.