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Soft Upper 2.0mm Night guard

Soft Upper 2.0mm Night guard

Impression Kit
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Our impression kits are super easy to use! We provide a step-by-step guide, an instructional video, 1 large upper, 1 large lower, 1 small upper, 1 small lower, and putty for 1 upper and 1 lower impression - everything you need to create the perfect mold for your mouth.

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All of our night guards come with a travel case so that you can store your night guard at home and take it with you wherever you go!

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We send you a new custom night guard every three months so that you can protect your teeth and maintain optimal hygiene. Why? Because teeth grinders deserve a clean and healthy mouth. Night guards collect bacteria overtime, become yellow, and can even cause illness and bad breath.

Finally! custom night guards are affordable enough to be replaced when they get inevitably gross.

Choose an option below for how you'd like to pay for your subscription: either every three months when you receive your new night guard, or upfront for the whole year (and save even more!).

You'll get free shipping on every night guard, and you can cancel at any time.

Every three months, we send you a new custom night guard.

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We'll ship you your impression kit first. After we receive your impression, we'll send you your first night guard.



Every 3 months

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Impression Kit Included

We'll ship you your impression kit first. After we receive your impression, we'll send you your night guard.





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We offer both fully soft and hard/soft night guards with any Cheeky plan.

Soft: The Cheeky soft night guard is made of EVA plastic - BPA-free and Latex-free. Our soft night guards are super comfy and are a great way to protect yourself against teeth grinding. If you're new to night guards or are looking for a relaxed fit, this is perfect for you!

Hard/Soft: The Cheeky hard/soft night guard is made of hard acrylic on the outside with a comfy soft thermoplastic material on the inside - BPA-free and Latex-free. The hard and soft combination offers protection from teeth grinding while keeping your teeth from moving over time.

Most of our customers choose a soft night guard.

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You get to choose which arch of your mouth you want to wear your night guard on!

This choice is based on your personal preference and comfort. Regardless of which arch you choose, you will be protected from grinding and clenching with a cheeky night guard in your mouth.

Most of our customers choose an upper arch night guard.

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We now offer three different thicknesses for each hardness variety of our Cheeky custom night guards!

While some of our soft hardness night guard users prefer a thinner custom night guard, most of our customers choose our thickest option - 3.0mm.