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Achieve a brighter, healthier smile with Cheeky's dental accessories.
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I grind my teeth badly and THIS is the most comfortable guard I’ve ever worn.
Nicole M. O. - Verified Purchase
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Five Star Reviews
Why You’ll Love Cheeky
Dentists charge between $500-$1500 for a custom night guard. We’re able to provide the exact same product to teeth grinders at an affordable price because we ship directly to your door, cutting out the middle man.
Custom Fitted
Stop Headaches
Stop Headaches
No more chipped teeth
No more chipped teeth
Prevent Jaw Pain
Prevent Jaw Pain
Don’t lay awake all night
Don’t lay awake all night
How It Works
Take Your Impressions
We send you a free impression kit. You take your impressions and ship them back to us in the same box. We cover shipping.
Get Cheeky
Receive your first cheeky custom night guard and say goodnight to teeth grinding.
Keep Them Coming
A fresh cheeky night guard will arrive at your door in three or six months when your old night guard inevitably gets dirty.

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Save up to 62% per guard
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Cheeky Night Guard
$39.8 per guard with our annual plan
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5 Star Reviews
I've gotten a few mouth guards from Cheeky and enjoy them! I grind so hard that I grind right through the material used for the mouth guard, but getting a replacement every few months helps me with that issue a lot
Victoria K.
Verified Buyer
I didn't know what was causing my headaches until my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth at night. He wanted like 500 bucks... that's when I found Cheeky. You guys solved my teeth-grinding problem for a fraction of what the (RIPOFF) dentist wanted!
Douglas K.
Verified Buyer
Easy to do yourself at home. Clear and concise instructions. When the mouthguard arrived, I washed it. I wore it the first night and it fit a little snug but I assumed that was expected. Since starting, I don’t sleep without it. It has been life changing and cost effective.
Elizabeth J.
Verified Buyer
Cheeky Night Guard vs Others
DentistBoil & Bite
Truly Custom
Extreme Protection
30 Day Trial
Dentist Quality
What is Bruxism? Do I grind? Why get a night guard?
What is Bruxism (teeth grinding)?
Teeth grinding affects over 20% of the American population! It commonly occurs during sleep, referred to as sleep bruxism, but can also manifest during waking hours. The repetitive motion of clenching and grinding can lead to dental damage, jaw pain, headaches, and chipped teeth. Not fun.
Do I grind my teeth?
Are you waking up with jaw pain or headaches? Do you notice your teeth may be slightly chipped? If so, it is possible you are grinding or clenching while you sleep. The best way to know is to ask your dentist!
How can a Cheeky custom night guard help?
Stop jaw pain, chipped teeth, headaches, and promote better overall health! Our custom night guards are specifically crafted to fit your unique dental structure, ensuring optimal protection against the harmful effects of grinding and clenching. They act as a barrier, absorbing the forces generated by teeth grinding and preventing excessive wear on the tooth enamel.
Stop headaches
No more chipped teeth
Prevent jaw pain
Don't lay awake all night
Cheeky Custom Night Guard
Designed specifically for individuals who suffer from nighttime or daytime teeth grinding and jaw clenching. This custom-fit mouthguard provides an effective and comfortable solution to protect your teeth from the damaging effects of bruxism, allowing you to wake up refreshed and pain-free.
Custom Fit
Dental Grade
Fast and Free Shipping
What Kind of Night Guard Should I Get?
Why choose the hard night guard?
Protect and hold your teeth with this nearly invisible hard night guard! This is perfect for all types of teeth grinders and clenchers who want all of the protection without the bulk.
Why choose the soft night guard?
Light teeth grinders can sleep well with the 1.5mm or 2mm night guard. Heavy teeth grinders can get the ultimate protection with our 3mm night guard.
Not sure which to choose?
No worries! We'll replace your night guard material free of charge within the first 30 nights of use!
Free shipping
On All Orders
30 Day Money
Back Guarantee
To Your Liking
Latex & BPA Free
Loved by Over 50,000

Use your HSA or FSA with Cheeky Night Guards

Night guards are considered a medical expense by the IRS, making them tax-deductible. You can use your HSA or FSA funds for a custom-fitted mouth night guard for teeth grinding.

HSA/FSA eligible

Use your HSA or FSA with Cheeky Night Guards

HSA/FSA eligible

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