Teeth Grinding, Teeth Clenching, and The Custom Night Guard For You

Teeth Grinding, Teeth Clenching, and The Custom Night Guard For You

13 March 2020
Written by Jack Gindi — Cofounder of Cheeky and Resident Teeth Grinder

So, you've recently learned that you grind or clench your teeth. Maybe your dentist told you that you're wearing down your fillings while you sleep. Or maybe your significant other informed you because you're keeping them up with your continuous chomping while you sleep! Either way, know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Over 20% of the adult population grinds their teeth. Some studies estimate that number to be much MUCH higher. Anyhow, as I was saying, you've learned one way or another that you're gnawing your teeth away while you slumber. But are you a teeth grinder or a teeth clencher?  Does the difference matter? And what type of custom night guard should you get?

The short answer is an emphatic, YES! The difference does matter. Why? Because a teeth clencher needs a different type of material in his or her night guard than a teeth grinder. 

If you're a teeth clencher, it is recommended that your night guard be made out of a hard material. The inside can be soft, but the outside should be hard. Why? Because it is widely believed that a soft mouth guard can INCREASE teeth clenching. Think about it this way: A soft plastic guard can have a gum like effect. Your teeth may be more likely to chew at it because it's soft and...well...chewy!

However, please be aware that for some teeth clenchers a soft night guard is actually preferred and does not enhance teeth clenching. Everyone's experience with custom mouth guards is different! In the end it's all about being comfortable.

Teeth grinders on the other hand can consider themselves lucky enough to maintain optionality, as teeth grinding is not enhanced  by a soft material. So for teeth grinders, it is mostly about what kind of custom night guard you are most comfortable with. Luckily for you, Cheeky offers both a soft custom night guard and hard on the outside and soft on the inside hybrid custom night guard.`

Okay cheeky fam--you now know which custom night guard is best for teeth clenching, and which custom night guard is best for teeth grinding. But you may be asking yourself this question: "am I a teeth grinder, or am I a teeth clencher?" For those of you lucky enough to have someone you can fall asleep next to every night, you may already know the answer. However, for the rest of us single folk, it's hard to know!

The simplest way to figure out if you teeth clench or teeth grind at night is to observe what you do during the day. Chances are, if you teeth grind or teeth clench while you sleep, you;'re most likely doing it during the day as well. Ever catch yourself clenching your teeth during a tense situation? I know I have. 

It's important to observe these habits, so that we can be well equipped to help us stop the negative effects of teeth grinding and teeth clenching. After all, and awesome custom night guard can only work if you decide to wear it.

Now that you've figured out whether you are teeth grinding or teeth clenching, and which custom night guard is best for either one, hopefully, you'll do something about it!. Don't let teeth grinding or teeth clenching keep you from being the best you. It's why we created cheeky!

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